As I noted in the last installment a little bit of Christmas activity has been rolling through the house. Initially the tree was assembled and a string of lights was hung on the porch. Since then more lights have been added to the porch, bows have been hung and a wreath placed on the front door. The new Christmas tree hasn't escaped notice either. Ornaments and candy canes have been strewn about the branches giving it a Happy Holiday look.
As the days have gone by Linda and I have been out buying gifts for friends and family. The stores have been crowded and the cash registers humming. We try to get out early to beat the crowds but some places fill up quickly, especially this close to Christmas.
This past weekend had the added inconvenience of a small winter storm bringing six inches of white stuff to cover the landscape. It adds to the Holiday feeling but is a pain in the neck to remove from the driveway and front walk. I had bought a brand new snow blower last year but never even assembled it. The weather was that nice. This past summer Linda and I put it together but never even gassed it up. We brought it here in the minivan and it's a good thing. A little gas, a few pulls on the rope starter and off it went. It cleaned the driveway quite handily and was worlds easier than shoveling. I'm hoping I don't use it often but it's there when I need it. Happy Holidays to all of you and I'll let you know how the day went for us next time.