As I told you last week my daughter Cheryl came for a visit and an early celebration of her birthday. She had just ended her employment with one company and had a few days before her next job started. After settling in she was eager to go for a ride on the 150cc scooter and so we did. It was a short trip to the grocery store but Cheryl was happy just to be up on two wheels again. The scooter is easy to ride and has a Metropolitan feel about it. I'm sure Cheryl would love to have it in New York City where she lives but it's not going.
Cheryl and I also had the occasion to go for a ride together on the Honda. I was on my way out to get Chinese Take-Out and decided to take the Rebel. Sara said, "Why don't you take Cheryl with you?", so I did. My daughter is the first person to sit on the passenger seat on the Rebel and we had a great ride together. I was surprised how well the Honda took the two of us. Apparently Honda made sure the bike was capable of it when they designed the bike.
The highlight for me was the night we worked on the scooter together. The bolt holding the handlebar assembly to the steering shaft had come slightly loose. It had happened a while ago, but I put this scooter together and was aware of how it worked and didn't worry about it. With Cheryl about to ride it I wanted it tight so I took her out with me hold wrenches, keep me company and fetch tools if necessary. Not my daughter. I had an extra screwdriver with me and she grabbed it and started taking out screws on her side of the scooter. The whole time we were out there she was in it and proved a valuable partner. It made the job a sharing experience and the task went quickly with her there. Of course we went out for ice cream after that to celebrate.
All too soon Cheryl was on her way home but the riding memories will linger until the next time she shows up and we cruise around together.
Happy Birthday Sweetie.