It's been a long time since I did anything different on my Chinese fleet besides commuting or grocery runs. Yesterday was the day for another adventure. I felt that we needed something else for dinner besides meat and potatoes, but what to do. BURRITOS! I had seen a Moe's Southwest Grill in Vestal this past Saturday, we haven't had them in months and so the destination was set, but what to use? Ah, I know.

Lazarus. The 150cc scooter hadn't taken a long ride in years. Ever since I fixed it last year it had been to work a couple of times and into town for errands on many occasions, nothing lengthly though. I had seen on the locator that Moe's was about forty miles by highway so Lazarus was in for an eighty mile trip.
Since the scooter isn't the best weapon for an interstate run I had to use Old Route 17 to reach Binghamton. There are many things on the old road that you don't see from the highway. Deer Lake and the surrounding community, a furniture store outside of Windsor set back off the road and several used car lots adjacent to repair shops among other things. The best part is when I finally do reach Binghamton the scooter is capable of dealing with traffic. On the 55 mph roads around here people pass me like I'm standing still. In Binghamton with 45 and 30 mph roads I fit right in. Imagine Lazarus in Manhattan with traffic crawling. It would be the Big Dog.
After dealing with the traffic and lights on Vestal Parkway we finally arrived at Moe's to pick up the dinner delights.

If you've never been to Moe's you should go. The line moves fast, the people are very friendly and the food prices are quite fair. I paid the same amount for a burrito as we paid on Court Street in Brooklyn at the California Taqueria, The big difference is nobody is speaking Spanish at Moe's. As it turned out the burritos were excellent too.
The trip home was as much fun as the trip in. Lazarus hummed right along, wasn't intimidated by the cars when we took a short cut for three miles on Route 17 between Conklin and West Windsor and it sipped fuel. I stopped to buy gas in West Windsor and have lunch at McDonald's. In the fifty-five miles to that point Lazarus used about seven-tenths of a gallon averaging close to 80 mpg. I can't complain about that. In what seemed a short time I was back home and the scooter was none the worse for the wear. The prize was intact, warm from being under the seat and heated by the engine. As it turned out we only had to zap them in the microwave for a short bit to make them steamy at dinner time.

The universal verdict was that the burritos were a hit and Moe's is on the list of places we buy dinner from, maybe lunches too. My adventure quotient has been filled for the time being and the Chinese scooter, once again, proved that stories of their unreliability are sometimes exaggerated. It was a very good day.

It turned out that the round trip on back roads was only 79 miles, not 80, but close enough.