I just had to do it. I took the scooter to work today after numerous times promising myself I'd do it. It wasn't the best weather for a ride but I've gone in worse. The trip there was chilly, but uneventful, and I had some of my best gear on for the ride. Since it has a front skirt my legs and feet were out of the wind but my hands were right out there. Of course when I got to work the "occasional flurries" began and continued most of the day. The flakes didn't accumulate but did dampen the road and left a light coating of moisture on the scooter. 
No harm, no foul as the trip home was in virtually the same temperature that I rode in at, a balmy 34 degrees. I survived and by the time I reached my garage the odometer read 6,170. It also helped me save a few dollars in gas and charge the battery. Overall a worthwhile day.