In the last installment I was celebrating the success of my ancient Yamaha in carrying me back and forth to work. I should have kept quiet. On the hottest day we've had so far this year the engine suddenly locked up and left me stranded about two miles from home. In close to ninety degree temperatures I pushed it home over hill and dale sweating every inch of the way. A short examination, once I could bring myself to face it, revealed an engine valve stuck open and the piston had hit it locking up the motor. Once I can bring myself to do it I'll have to take off the cylinder head and attempt to replace the valve while looking for other damage. It will either spell the end for the bike or another repair job on my agenda. I'm ready to look for another bike (or bigger scooter) and just end my pain but a part of me wants to best this problem child. I'll let you know how it progresses.
In the meantime my leaky Chinese scooter continues to hum along. I just cracked 7,000 miles and have made twenty trips to work on it totaling about 700 miles. I'm actually approaching 7,100 which means I've gone one thousand miles since February. It amazes me sometimes that a scooter so maligned among the general scooter population continues to work so well. I just put a new battery in it after almost four years and it just springs to life. To say I'm enthused for the future with it would be an understatement. I really want to acquire a newer model someday to see if improvements have taken place or if Chinese scooters are just the same as always. I only know mine keeps buzzing along.