In addition to the usual uses as a commuter vehicle the big scooter has enjoyed a few trips to Binghamton for various reasons. Last Thursday I had to ride to Binghamton to see a Podiatrist about ending the ongoing pain in my foot. The reason turned out to be so minor that it's a wonder that it caused so much pain. It seems that I strained it so badly at work that I stressed the muscle that runs through the foot. A little anti-inflamation medication, some ice, better shoes and gel pads along with some stretching will return it to normal in a short time. What a relief to hear that. I thought I'd be limping for the rest of my life.
In order to acquire better sneakers I had to go to Dick's Sporting Goods in Vestal this past Sunday. I asked Sara if she wanted to come along on the scooter and she happily agreed. It was a fairly warm day for this area and it wasn't long before we both got uncomfortable in our leather jackets. Fortunately we pass numerous eateries in Binghamton going and coming home so it wasn't like we were riding through the desert. One thing that makes riding with my wife enjoyable is that she's a great passenger. I had to go around some high speed curves on the trip and she leans with me as I heel the scooter over. As a rider herself she understands the need to lean in turns and is barely noticeable back there. She confided that on a couple of turns she was saying to herself, "Trust in the Force" as we rode but was confident what I was doing was correct based on her own experience.
After a brief time in the store we were heading back, but decided to stop at a McDonald's for soft drinks and to soak up some AC. These brief "Dates" are always nice and we chat about whatever is the topic of the day. We were at the restaurant for about twenty minutes but it seemed much shorter. Soon we were riding home and enjoying the scenery. The scooter was a willing steed and at it's rate of fuel consumption it's practically like traveling for free. We rode about eighty miles, which is slightly over a gallon of fuel. The next best source of transportation would have used more than two gallons, my minivan would have consumed four. It's nice to have the scooter. Trips on it make a shopping trip an adventure not just a long ride. As my wife said when we arrived home, "That was fun". It was that.