Yes everyone, it's that time of year again. The warm weather beckons everyone to get out of the house, visit people and make a few recreational trips. So what happens? The price of gasoline is rising again. Over the cold weather gas hovered around $1.75 and now I'm seeing $1.95 in spots. You know what I say? "Bring it on." I'm sad for those of you without the cheap transportation I have at my disposal, but I'll fight for all of you. The bikes in my garage have mpg capability approaching 70, with the 50cc bike at over 100. It always feels like a victory of sorts to pull up to the station, fill my tank and see $2.90 on the pump. I then go out and ride sixty or seventy miles with it.
The two big bikes take more, of course, because they hold more. Even at that it's rare to see more than $8.00 on the gauge. Both the Honda Rebel and the big scooter will go nearly 140 miles or more with that fill up and last almost a week. People will say, "Oh sure you have these bikes to save you gas now but what happens in bad weather?" Here's the even better part. I have the minivan or Sara's car. My minivan is the oldest car I've ever owned. It recently passed its 17th birthday. If I had to rely on it year round it would have expired by now. In the last five years I've put close to 20,000 miles on my three China bikes while Sara has 9,500 on the Honda.
While that doesn't sound like a lot of miles in the grand scheme of things it's still miles at fabulous fuel mileage and no wear and tear on the cars helping us to extend the car's lives.  Not to mention a heck of a lot of fun.