While I have been working at Kmart more than ever in the last month, the weather has kept me off the bikes. There has been more rain than anyone can remember and if it isn't raining it's been seasonably cold. Every day I'm looking forward to a ride the weather isn't cooperating. All I can do is visit the bikes and promise not to forget them.
As I'm sure many of you have heard Sears Holding Corporation is closing stores left and right. It was recently announced that the Kmart I work in is closing. Since there are things that need to be done I have had to work more hours. We have had to move dusty stock out of the warehouse and onto the floor to be sold at reduced prices and the store has never been busier. The normally sparce amount of cars in the parking lot has increased by a large margin. It's sad to see the store emptying out as areas of the store that formerly were stocked are cordoned off.and empty They say the store will close in the middle of December but it's hard to think what it will look like in the coming weeks. Only clothing is seemingly untouched as new items that were hung on racks in the warehouse appear and replenish every day. Since I was only working a few hours a week it won't hurt me as much as people who earned a living there.
I'll explore my options after the closing and won't rush into a job that is too demanding. Stay tuned to see where Iand next.