I think my days off are busier than when I'm working. Since I have more free time than Sara, I do the shopping and other needed transactions. This morning I needed to refill a prescription, shop and make a deposit. First up was Galileo (CF 250) for the thirty-five mile trip to Sidney to take care of the prescription, banking and shop for "Big Store" items. On the way there the scooter felt a little sluggish and was very slow to respond to the throttle. On the way home I discovered why. I was being pushed along by the wind at a great rate. That means I was fighting a head wind going to Sidney. The scooter isn't very powerful and quite heavy so a stiff wind puts the little engine to work.
After I got home there were a few play sessions to be taken care of with my dogs and then another shopping trip was in order. When I need to pick up twelve packs of soda the 50cc moped is the weapon of choice. The box on the back can accommodate four packs easily and a few other items as well. Neither Galileo or the Rebel are as convenient to use so the little bike is pressed into service.
After putting away the groceries I realized that I still needed one case of Pepsi. It turns out that the Rebel can carry a pack or two in its saddlebags and I wanted to ride a bike to stay in practice. Plus the Rebel is the fastest machine in the garage and the trip into town can be done in no time, so what the heck. I picked up the soda and was back home inside of fifteen minutes. While barbecuing dinner I had a chance to reflect on my day. Three trips on three different machines and none that gets less than 70 mpg. I'm guessing the trips totaled about 50 miles so less than a gallon was burned. All this time my minivan sits and has only acquired 1500 miles in the last two months. Subtract an epic day last week taking the boys to their respective colleges and another trip to pick up a car 60 miles away and less than 1,000 miles of trips have been taken in the car. The two wheeled equipment has certainly pulled its weight this season and the riding weather isn't over yet.