It was Fathers Day, it was lunchtime, we were hungry. What a perfect excuse for a ride. I chose Wendy's for the meal and had the perfect vehicle for a food run. Now I know you're thinking, "So big deal, he dragged out the 50cc bike to run to town." My original thought exactly but that isn't what I did. The problem with the 50cc is that the crate on the back is open so the food would be cold by the time I got home. No, the answer was to take the big scooter. First, it has two sealed compartments to keep the food warm and, second, it rides faster so the time between Wendy's and home is cut down considerably.
Here's what I love about the scooter. The trunk at the back of the bike is shaped so a bag of fast food could be stood up without French Fries falling out. It's also nice and insulated by some lining inside that kept the food warm. When I got the food on the table everything was still as warm as it was in the restaurant. If I had the 50cc bike this would not have been the case. So in addition to having a nice ride to get food, I had a great lunch. Not a bad Fathers Day outing at all.