Today is finally the fulfillment of a season's promise. It's about 50* outside and the sun is blazing in the sky. I keep looking for a reason to ride into Town or take the scooter or small bike out on an important errand, but there aren't any. I had another chance to ride the big scooter to work on Monday and it felt great. It's nice to have something I can cruise along on at 60 mph just like the rest of traffic. After two years on either a 150 or 50cc two wheeled conveyance, hugging the shoulder and flagging people by it's very liberating to travel at a speed the rest of the world is moving at.
It's also so nice out that I can start taking photos again and liven this blog up. Not today, unless I can find a reason to go out, but maybe next time. I have a project to do on the big scooter so that will be the perfect photo op. It needs to be inspected this month and the rear tire is not quite up to standards. I haven't rushed to do it for two reasons. 1) Whoever designed scooters should be severely chastised. To get the rear wheel off I have to remove a body panel, take off the exhaust system, remove the support bracket behind the exhaust and then finally pull the rear wheel. On a motorcycle all you generally have to do is remove the nut on the axle, push the axle out and then remove the wheel. Yes it's harder on some but very few require exhaust system and body parts removal.
Reason number 2 has been the weather. Working in the driveway at 40* is too painful for me. With the breeze blowing and wind chills in the thirties, or less, the job becomes torturous. I like a nice day with sun, warmer than 50* and not windy to work in the driveway. Working in the garage is never fun as it's usually cooler in the garage and cramped. I like working with space and the driveway gives me room to spread out, lay on the ground if I have to and throw things without hitting anything when the spirit moves me. A good wrench toss lets me expel some angry energy and an excuse to walk away for a while getting the projectile.
If all I have to do is tire and oil changes this season it will be a good one. So far the scooter has been good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.