I did it. The Kawasaki is gone. On a rainy Saturday I handed it over for a reasonable amount to a lovely young couple who, I hope, will give it a nice home. To compensate I went out the next day and bought a 30 year old Yamaha 250 to resell after I make my usual efforts to acquire paperwork. The Yamaha isn't running-yet. It will require some fixing and refitting of components to get it started. For what I paid even if it's a hopeless case I won't be out much. Most Japanese bikes are fairly resilient and I'm hoping to have this one running in the next couple of weeks. 
The project occupying most of my time these days is the Big Ruckus. It finally broke a bearing in the transmission and it may require more tools and mechanical know-how than I possess to remove it. Once I have that running again it will be my main bike. If you can call a scooter a bike. In the meantime my Chinese scooter is my main ride and slowly running up numbers on the odometer. I've gone 1,300 miles on it this season and with the price of gasoline where it is right now I plan on using it until the weather gets too hostile. At the moment I'm putting about 150 miles a week on it going back and forth to work. If it had another 15 mph of top speed it would even be more. I'm just happy to be getting the mileage I am now and being able to let the car sit as much as it has.