When I set up this blog I hadn't foreseen anybody actually writing to me so I accepted the messaging capability that came with it. Today I actually got a response from someone outside my circle of friends. They usually comment on Facebook when they want to tell me something. The response came from a man named Dan who it turns out is a fellow 250 CF Moto owner.
Hello my name is Dan and I am starting my third season with a CF MOTO Fashion, identical to the one on this website. I put 12,500 miles my first season and another 10,000 miles the second. Anybody out there that has more than that, great bike for 2,000 bucks.
Way to go Dan! In my experience in other scooter forums that mileage just about tops the charts for a 250 Fashion. There is a man down in Atlanta with a 150 scooter putting about 500 miles a week on his vehicle but that's the only instance of high mileage I've heard of. I only put about 3,000 miles a year, total, now on my two wheeled fleet and in two years you topped the total mileage I put on my last motorcycle in nine years. I'm glad to hear of your success with the Fashion and hope to have the reliable miles you've logged on my own someday. It's good to hear of a happy Chinese scooter owner. Stay in touch.