In the past I was told by Sara and another close friend that they had stopped coming here because it was repetitive. I tried to change it up a little after that because Sara was no fool and as a former employee of a publishing firm she knew her stuff. The problem is that when your Blog is called Two Wheeling you're sort of locked in as to content. I took off from the usual two wheeled ramblings, when Sara passed, to keep friends and family who might pop in as what the plans were for her Memorial and Calling Hours. I will try to relate some of our stories as we move on and try to cope with her departure from this earthly plane. As I refine and develop the recent purchases of the two wheeled variety in my garage I will insert those tales being mindful that there seems to be interest among you in one direction or the other.

As I related prior the Boys and I spent Thanksgiving with Sara's brother, Christopher, in Webster, New York. The Boys are planning to spend a couple of days in Connecticut with their Atherlay family members. My plans are open and I'm not ridden in angst over being alone at Christmas if I choose that path. A background story here. Thirty-six years ago my first wife and I decided to call it quits on Christmas Day. She cleaned her clothes, packed her car and moved back to her family. We were divorced six months later. It nicked my feelings for the day but I never put a wet blanket on it for other family members in the years following. With Sara's passing this year I'm even more out of the Christmas spirit but being alone isn't going to drive me into a depression. I have the dogs, I can watch endless versions of "A Christmas Carol" and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all day if I choose.

Or I can go out to the garage, sit on a bike and go "Vroom, Vroom!" and dream of warmer weather and long rides. Also recall skinned knuckles, the smell of used oil and hours of repairs that this past season inflicted on me. There. That's a different entry.