I rarely check the mileage on the 150cc scooter, Lazarus, since it fluctuates with the amount of throttle I use. Today I had the opportunity to check when I filled up at a gas station in Masonville. After riding 57 miles the scooter got 73.5 mpg from the tank. I was pretty happy with that figure since it included my commute to Sidney and back. When I use my minivan exclusively for commuting to work I'm fortunate to get around 18 mpg. On the open road, without the climbs I make commuting to work, the car has gotten 24 mpg. That said you'll notice that the scooter gets about two and a half times the mpg the minivan does. While I've noted the mileage figures before on the scooter it reaffirms my contentment in riding to save money.
On an average trip to work my car will burn two gallons of gas in a day. The scooters will burn around a half gallon per trip. Saving the money on top of the enjoyment of riding is a dual benefit in my eyes. I won't go so far as calling  myself a "Green Commuter", but heck, I am using less energy. Plus I get to smile while doing it.
My scooters both received their scheduled oil changes in the past week. Happily nothing surprising came out in the oil. Both engines are solid and holding together well. The big scooter got its usual supply of Mobil 1 synthetic while Lazarus received a refill of Quaker State non-synthetic. The difference in what oil I use stems from what the bikes received since they joined my fleet. The big scooter, I was told, originally received Amsoil at $12 a quart. Too rich for my blood. I switched it to Mobil 1 which can be had on sale for under $6.00 a quart. I'm sure the engine will last just as long with a lesser priced lubricant. Lazarus usually gets what ever brand name, non-synthetic oil I can find on sale. All oils are amazing fluids these days and will keep a well tended engine running for a long time and help me have fun and save money.