As I noted elsewhere, I think, my biggest motorcycle is my 1983 Kawasaki 750. It is pretty impressive for a thirty-six year old bike but it shows its age occasionally. One way is that the speedometer is wildly optimistic. I knew it read ten miles per hour too fast but didn't realize how far out of whack it really was until a couple of weeks ago. Linda was following me one day and told me how fast her Civic's speedometer read. Mine said sixty-eight, hers read fifty-three. I decided that was too much to ignore.
I looked on the web to see if there was such a thing as a GPS speedometer and found a bicycle GPS speedometer with a rechargeable battery for a mere $35.00 from Amazon. Yesterday I took the motorcycle out for a ride and noted the discrepancies between the motorcycle's speedometer and the GPS bicycle one. At seventy miles per hour on the motorcycle's speedometer the GPS read fifty-five. That would explain why people were passing me all the time.
Now I have an accurate speedometer at a bargain price and know how to compensate the motorcycle's speedometer if the GPS signs off for some reason. Technology these days is amazing.
No trips planned to Long island this week. Maybe next week we'll venture on down there. Mom is coming along well and the Doctor uses phrases like, "You're healing well for a woman your age." My sister Chris has been getting her out and about which seems to be helping Mom's spirits. I'll let you know after the next trip to Levittown.