I bought the 250 Honda Nighthawk over two years ago and nursed it back to health. This past Sunday I installed a new front brake switch and now the brake light glows when I pull the lever. The last step is finally upon me, getting it inspected. Everything is now up to snuff and it should breeze through easily. Of all the bikes in the fleet the Honda is the one that may stay the longest. It fits me well, it's not heavy and gets good gas mileage. I love the big Kawasaki and its horsepower but moving it around is a struggle. The Honda has classic styling, is light weight and the foot pegs are in the right place. I plan on riding it a lot once the inspection is done. It feels like a small British bike and it makes a traditional sound from its exhaust pipes.
Isn't it about time Spring finally arrived? I was reading in several places on Social Media that the weather earlier this month was being called "Second Winter". That made me laugh. Snow, sleet and sub seasonal temperatures sure made it feel like February again. Hopefully it's all behind us.