With the sketchy weather we've had, either raining, snowing or bitterly cold, I haven't needed the big scooter yet. Today I finally dragged it out for a ride. It was great. I forgot how comfortable it is, how easy it is to ride and how well it carries groceries. This will be a great riding season.
I had to do some last minute shopping when the boys announced that they were coming home for the weekend. While the supply of staples was adequate for Sara and I, they needed bolstering with two College age boys arriving. Not to mention the dogs. I had to bungee a twenty pound bag of Dog Food onto the passenger seat and filled the trunk and top box with other food stuffs. The scooter handled it easily.
This now means I've used or test ridden all four of my two wheeled vehicles. The 150cc scooter and the 50cc bike have been doing errands for weeks now, the Honda Rebel made a trip to town and now the big scooter has had its first go of 2014. Better days are coming, oil and drive belt changes need to be performed and trips to work and the doctor's office will need to be accomplished. I may even attend a few motorcycle gatherings to further the image of scooters in general and Chinese products in particular. It should make for some interesting reading so stick around.
A few months ago I told you about my wife's health. We got fabulous news the other day. Between her recent surgery to remove tumors and several rounds of Chemotherapy she now has tumor markers in the normal range. A normal person, cancer free, has a level of 40. Sara is at that number. She still has some rounds of Chemo to undergo as a precaution but all your prayers and good thoughts have done the job. We still have to wait five years for it to be a full remission but we have much more hope for the future now. Thank you everyone.