This past week we had the Parents here with us for a few days. The house in Levittown was in need of some work that required that Mom and Dad be out of the place. They arrived on Thursday and we had a barbecue for lunch to mark the occasion. Over the course of the next few days I worked with my Dad on his laptop while Mom and Linda chatted, watched TV and Mom finished the book she bought with her. On Saturday my bother Bill and his wife Toni came to stay overnight, see the parents and pick up my minivan. I sold it to Bill.for him to use as a Winter car. After a very cordial visit they headed back to Fairport and Bill reported back that the car did just fine. For a thirteen year old car with 172,000 miles that was pretty good.
Mom and Dad were here until Wednesday and I drove them back when we heard they could return home. The drive down went fairly quickly with only a couple of traffic jams. I unloaded them and their luggage and returned home as quickly as possible. Linda needed me.
Last year her sciatic nerve knocked her on her butt eventually relenting allowing her to move again. Right before Mom and Dad it flared up again and she has been bound to her recliner. It's fairly bad and just walking hurts her. I've tried to be there as much as possisble and she has a doctors appointment in a few weeks with an Orthopedist. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this and return her to full strength.
I finally dragged my Garage Queen Kawaski out of the garage for a couple of trips to work. It is so powerful in comparison to all my other bikes it makes even the short run to work an adventure. Stay tuned and I'lllet you know how tLinda fairs. I'm hoping things will get better.