Despite the way it was beginning to look I really wasn't starting a scooter collection. Yesterday I finally delivered the 50cc Lance Charming to its new owner and it turned around and bit me. I've had the thing in storage for over seven months now and ever since I changed the CDI unit it ran fine. I even let my stepson take it for a spin figuring that if anyone could uncover a flaw it would be him. No, it ran fine. I delivered it to its new home in Syracuse and let the new owner take it for a test ride and don't you know it started stalling again. I told him, "This is unbelievable! It's been flawless for seven months and now it craps out." He said, "Welcome to my world. Everything I own does this." 
I finally stripped off the plastic panels, changed the spark plug and raised the idle speed and it ran, but not as well as before. I left it in his care to make improvements and hopefully it will serve him well. I almost hated to take the money and I may go back up there to work on it if it gives him any more grief. My pride is at stake.
In the meantime I haven't heard from the person who wants to buy the Kawasaki. I'll give him a few more days and send an inquiry. It's a good thing I'm not in the motorcycle sales business. I'm a terrible salesman.