I had the occasion to do some work on the big scooter to keep my battery from dropping dead. As another owner of a CF Moto Fashion described it. "There's a vampire somewhere in the system sucking the life out of the battery." To combat the drain on the battery I installed a quick connect plug for my trickle charger on the scooter's battery and so far, so good. I tried to start it after letting it re-build a charge and it fired right up. On my last Kawasaki I would let the battery hibernate during the winter and then recharge it in the spring. It had a kickstarter on it so I didn't much worry if the battery was drained or not. The scooter has no alternative starting method so I'm a little concerned about battery health. Also it's the original Chinese battery and they don't have a great reputation so I'm sure a little preventative maintenance won't hurt. 
The weather wasn't too bad on Friday and groceries were needed so I fired up the 50cc bike and rode it into town. It always surprises people when they see a bike in December and this was no different. I had two or three people ask the usual question. "Isn't it a little cold for that?" My reply is always, "Anybody can do it when it's warm." That always gets a smile. It was refreshing to get out and ride. Hopefully I'll get more trips in.