This is what I call weather. It's 70* right now and a perfect day for riding. I got in two trips to town today on the 50cc bike and my big scooter. You see when the thermometer starts to climb and the sun hangs out all day my grass takes that as a sign to shoot up quickly. I had to make a run into town to fill up a pair of gas cans and get some groceries. Since I don't believe it's healthy to stuff gas cans and food into the same box I made two separate trips. The gas run was first with a pair of two gallon plastic cans.

I thought it was an interesting picture. I was saving gas while buying gas. What's funny is that there's four gallons in the crate and about three quarters of a gallon in the tank. I imagine this makes my 50cc one of the world's smallest tank trucks. The gas it's carrying will find its way into leaf blowers, lawn tractors and another one of the bikes, either the big scooter or the Honda Rebel.
The next trip for food was done on the big scooter. Between the top box and the built in trunk the scooter can carry a surprising amount of cargo. Not only that but the scooter runs as fast as the car so going into town and back was done quickly. It's also amazingly quiet after the sound and wind the 50cc bike generates, so it was a peaceful journey. Of course I had to do a couple of acres of mowing on the lawn tractor which is another sound machine. I'm half done with the mowing job now and should finish sometime after dinner. If the nice weather keeps on I'll be doing a lot of riding on either a bike or mower.