Money has been tight lately so when I had to do some traveling today I opted for the scooter. At seventy miles to the gallon it's the stingiest vehicle we own even if it's not the fastest. My first destination was a thirty mile round trip and included dropping off some forms at my wife's school for health insurance for me daughter. While I was there I checked about getting the scooter inspected and as luck would have it an opening was available. Putting the new rear tire on paid off as the scooter passed with flying colors.
My next destination was in the other direction and was a forty mile round trip. I had to pick up a prescription at a not-so-local pharmacy. The one saving grace of these trips is that the scenery here is top notch. Rolling green hills and forests line the sweeping curves as you travel. If it wasn't for the need to be looking in the rear view mirror all the time it would be easy to get caught up in the moment.
Despite the length of the trip the scooter just hummed. I always marvel that a small engined machine can handle trips like this. It's actually new in some ways, only two years old and 3,200 miles, but when you hear the way some people talk about Chinese scooters it's a wonder it's still alive.