It's been awhile since I've said that but it's worth repeating. I got to ride all the Chinese two wheelers this weekend and they're all functioning well. Yesterday I went into town to pick up subs for lunch, a job specially suited for the 150cc scooter. It has a wonderful luggage compartment under the seat and is just the right size for a group of sub sandwiches. It would also have been an easy task for the 50cc bike, but I was in a hurry and the scooter is just slightly faster than the mini-motorcycle. The scooter has been running well since the motor work and just hums along.
This morning I had to go in early to work (like 4 AM early) so I took the big scooter. It just runs along comfortably and creates a nice bubble of air around me to counter the forty-eight degree temperature. It also casts a nice beam of light down the road in the darkness of the early hours. It always feels like it's saying, "Come on, it's a great day for a long ride." I don't fall for it and roll it into the garage despite its protests.
It was also necessary today to make a grocery run into town so the 50cc bike got a workout. After the 82 mile ride a few weeks ago I don't know if the little bike considers a trip into town a workout. I like to ride it there so that's all the workout it will get, for now.
The best part of all this is that the cars stay idle and we're using pennies of gas to get around. Take that oil companies!