In the grand order of things you would expect that the biggest scooter in my fleet would also have the most mileage. Last year I had the opportunity to ride the big scooter a lot, commuting back and forth to work. Not so this year. With the bad weather, hours cut at work and weekly visits to the doctor my commuting miles have been cut back drastically up to this point. This has caused a shift in the vehicles that get used most.
My 150cc scooter, named Lazarus, has been the long distance traveler this year over the big scooter. Lazarus is the perfect machine for light grocery shopping, errand running and questionable weather commuting. It's made the trip to work four times this season. In all of those occasions there was a possibility of rain and, since it is the oldest bike in the garage, it was taken over the big scooter. Fortunately the weather held in all those days but I wasn't sure at the outset. It's relatively comfortable, strong enough for the hills and economical, using gas at the rate of 70 mpg on a good day.
As a result Lazarus has beaten the big scooter to 8,000 miles and has served me well. I always say if it was capable of another five to ten mph top speed this scooter would make a perfect primary mode of transportation. As an alternate source it's more than capable of traveling on State Roads at a respectable speed and saving me fuel money. Of course the big scooter has crossed the 7,900 mile mark so the balance may shift back once again. I'll be sure to let you know when it does.