I finally finished getting the Honda Nighthawk inspected and legal. Now comes the fun part, riding it. The bike has led a challenging life and many parts of it show. The engine runs with gusto and is a tribute to Honda's engineering staff. I've already had one offer to buy it. It looks and sounds quite sporty.
Now to the busy part. Linda and I have been wearing a track in the road from here to Deposit and back.The house has lost its last occupant and we have been working our geriactic fingers to the bone removing furniture, household items and knick knacks. Lawn equipment has been slowly trickling out of the garage along with useless items that I inherited from the previous owner. In the last four weeks we have been there twice a week at three hundred miles per excursion. Fortuantely both our cars get in excess of forty miles per gallon but the trips with the minivan have been costly. Its twenty-four miles per gallon might have been great in its day but now it borders on being a gas guzzler. It has served us well though. Many items we will use have been on board and at least three scooters have been carried within. Hopefully the house will be in someone elses hands soon so we aren't spending too much more time driving back and forth. Worse yet is that this is the grass growing season and we will be mowing the three acres weekly until the house is gone.
It has been a long struggle but there is light at the end of this tunnel. Linda and I are keeping our fingers crossed that the end is in sight.