I just listed the Kawasaki on Craigslist and already I have someone who seems interested. He has to sell his bike first so it's not a done deal but it might very well happen in the coming couple of weeks. As much as I like the Big Ruckus it makes me feel like I'm selling out to old age keeping it and parting with the Kaw. It's smaller, lower to the ground and an automatic that requires nothing more than twist on the throttle to get it going. It's far less involving than the clutch and five speed of the Kawasaki. On a scooter your feet are along for the ride, on a motorcycle they're active participants in the shifting and braking maneuvers.
By my standards the Kawasaki is practically unused. It has close to 21,000 miles on it but at my rate of usage over time that works out to about 2,100 miles a year. Far under my former averages of close to eight or nine thousand miles a year. Even figuring in the 1,200 miles a year I put on the scooter that still only comes out to 3,300. Weather and the short riding season here in the upstate regions of New York has really crimped my style. I'm hoping to pile a few more miles on this year riding to work but rain is in the forecast for the next nine days as it has been for the last nine days. I know there are people who ride in the rain, I'm just not one of them.
Given all that something had to leave the stable and the Kawasaki was the prime candidate. I'll miss it. Once it goes I'll make it the wallpaper on my computer to remind me of what I had. Maybe take a picture of it next to the Big Ruckus so I can keep in mind what I gave up for what I kept. I didn't use the Kawasaki as much as I wanted, hopefully the next owner will make up for it.