Quite a bit has happened since I last came here. The worst news is that my faithful Black Lab, Phoebe, has passed away. She had a tumor that choked off organs and we had to put her down. She was my little warrior and went peacefully at the end. At only ten years of age she should have had many more years but disease took her.
The holidays were very busy for us. Linda and I visited Long Island several times and had welcome visits with family. The traffic there is horrendous but we survived. We also saw Linda's children and grand children over Christmas. The kids love the holidays and getting presents is a plus. We have had fairly mild weather and only one snowstorm the week before Thanksgiving. My snow blower has been inactive for the most part but January is here so hold on. I'm sure I'll be using it regularly in the coming weeks.
I have been visiting my motorcycles as much as I can and start the big scooter weekly. Otherwise it will be a project to get it going in the Spring.
Everyone have a good year in 2019 and hopefully it will be one remembered fondly when it's through.