It's New Year's Eve and it's 45 degrees. Just for laughs I went out to the garage and started the Yamaha 250. Yes, I said started. Apparently my strange little drill works most of the time. When winter is over it will be interesting to see what works on a warm engine. I'm looking forward to using it to go to work or longer rides into Binghamton. The safer thing would just be to use my wife's Honda Rebel but the Yamaha is a much more interesting ride. I will take some pride in using a formerly comatose bike and putting it back on the road. The bigger challenge will be to see if I can resurrect the rusty 400cc Yamaha that I also have. It pains me how people just goof these things up by abusing them mindlessly. I always think a motorcycle deserves so much more.
Happy New Year to those of you out there who check this out from time to time. Keeping it up makes me use my computer for something besides reading other people's blogs.