With the new year on the horizon it's time to look back and reflect. This was the year I got to take a long ride on the Kawasaki and do the MSF Experienced Rider Course in New Jersey, even staying overnight in a hotel. I purchased two scooters as speculation, although I might keep one, and rode all the two wheeled creatures in my fleet at least once. Let's see, that's two motorcycles, three scooters and two mopeds. All of which are running soundly.
Sara had her biggest year ever on her Honda Rebel. She began riding in April and rode through to October putting close to 2400 miles on her mini-cruiser. Her biggest trip was a 210 mile round trip to Syracuse for a computer class. She left at noon and returned at seven that night after spending over two and a half hours at the class. So much for 250s only being good for short hauls. My longest was the trip to New Jersey, totaling about 300 round trip.
Next year should be fairly interesting. I'd like to buy more scooters, fix them and resell them. While profit will be the driving motive I'm more interested in seeing equipment returned to service. There are too many perfectly good Chinese scooters sitting idle that won't start for their present owners simply because of bad electrical components or other easy fixes. Better to get them back on the road and saving fuel for somebody new.
Happy New Year to all.