It's been awhile since I last wrote, but then winter here has been long too. I got out tonight on the Kawasaki and discovered what it was about riding at night that I disliked. Bugs. Not just a few bugs, but a hailstorm of insects coating my face shield, windshield and headlight. Worse was that when oncoming traffic lit me up with their headlights I was practically blind. It was better coming home when the air was cooler and the insect population had calmed down but I'll have to see how I can clean my face shield tomorrow without scratching it. Always a challenge.

The scooter is coming up for attention in the coming months. A valve check/adjustment is imminent and the rear tire is on its last legs. It will need replacing in a few hundred miles at most. A replacement is sitting in the garage waiting to be installed. Last year I did the rear tire and chain on the Kawasaki, I replaced the drive belt on the scooter already so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the tire needed doing.