Just for variety I've been using the Honda Rebel in the garage to run some errands. I've been riding bikes for fifty-two years but since I sold the Kawasaki three years ago most of my miles have been on a scooter. While most people may think that motorcycles and scooters are the same to ride, it's not even close. Without getting technical a motorcycle and a scooter are built, work and ride completely differently. It isn't just the fact that a motorcycle has a manual gearbox either. This, of course, begs the question, "Which is better?" Neither, since it really is Apples and Oranges.
Both have you enjoying the feeling of freedom that two wheels brings. Both accelerate fairly quickly and require the same techniques to keep upright and go around corners. After that it's two completely different worlds. I once said that a scooter is fun and a motorcycle is a rush. After riding the big scooter and the Rebel back to back I stand by that.
I may find myself running more errands and commuting on the Rebel in the future. Just for enlightenment, of course.