I've decided that it was time to give my Chinese 150cc scooter a name. We were calling it the "Blue Scooter", "The other scooter" and "the Original Scooter", to distinguish it from the big scooter, Galileo. I decided that Lazarus was appropriate after leaving the scooter for dead for almost a year with a cracked cylinder head on the engine. In July I finally got around to resurrecting it with a new cylinder head and associated bits and breathing new life into it.

It has now been returned to its status of "Rapid Small Errand Runner" in the garage. If I need to purchase a larger amount of items or bigger products then the 50cc bike with a milk crate, Rocket, will be the instrument of choice. I took Lazarus out this morning to drop off an envelope at the local High School and buy some small groceries at the local stores. Lazarus was perfect for the job with its box hidden under the seat carrying my purchases with ease. It also handles wind and hills easier than Rocket having three times the power packed in its tiny motor. I won't go into how much gas I saved, I've done too much of that already.
The run into Town, and to the various sites I needed to stop at, totaled almost ten miles. It's pretty amazing how even the shortest errand can pile miles on a vehicle. I'm hoping to spare the cars as much of that as I can this winter and put the wear and tear on my two wheeled fleet. Here it is the middle of November and I'm still at it.