As you can see by the site picture I have a new set of wheels to cruise the highways with. It's a 2009 CF Moto Fashion, silly name, and it's already done an epic voyage with me. It was down on Long Island, about 200 miles away, and I had to go and fetch it. Sara drove down with me to Marc's house where it's been stored for the last couple of weeks. We had a lovely brunch with them consisting of the best bagels on Earth and liquids to wash them down. Of course it started to rain as we left but cleared up after a short time. The new addition performed well and it was great to be riding something that could keep pace with traffic.
After the terror of the Cross Bronx Expressway we stopped in New Jersey for gas and drinks and set out for the long journey home. Sara and I got separated after a spell so I had nothing else to do but concentrate on the road and the aspects of the new scooter. The windshield worked great and kept most of the wind off me. The gas gauge moved in small steps denoting excellent mileage. Despite the fact that the engine is both Chinese in origin and a clone/copy of a 35 year old design it performed well and was amazingly quiet. I had to duck down behind the windshield to even hear engine noise.
All in all it should be a loyal partner for a good long time to come and with both the top box and trunk in the back it will be a useful tool for carrying groceries, mail and bank deposits. If you see the similarity between it and a Honda Helix it's no accident. It's a clone of the Helix and one owner I met of this model described it as the thing to have if you could only have one motorcycle. I'm looking forward to owning it.