I know it's been a while since I last did this but I've been busy. As I confessed on Facebook sometime back I have experienced a unique event in my life. Way back in the Dark Ages I met a girl while taking Drivers Education in Summer School. She was from a Public High School in my district while I was a Catholic High School kid. I was invited to a Pool Party at her house, we spent a lot of time together at the party and became boyfriend-girlfriend. We attended each others Senior Proms, attended the same College and parted when she found a new boyfriend in 1971.

Fast forward 45 years, a couple of marriages, some kids and numerous adventures. This passed Summer I got a Friend Request on Facebook from her. After many correspondences we finally met on Super Bowl Sunday and here we are. Like 1969 she and I are dating again, going to movies, eating meals and browsing the Mall.

I now have a complete change of plans in what will happen in the future and a garage full of motorcycles. Obviously a serious cull of the herd is in order as eight motorcycles is way too many. Linda has begun to fill the hole I began to fill with two wheeled toys so I have to clear out some space. Another adventure looms.