As most of you know I use the Big Ruckus sparingly but it does get used. Lately I use it most to fetch groceries from Town and see doctors in Binghamton. Today on one grocery run I noticed the odometer passing 2,245 miles. While this is hardly a large amount of miles, few in comparison to the Kawasaki's 20,000+, it did mark a minor milestone  of sorts. When I  received the scooter out of the dusty clutches of the trailer that held it, the odometer read 1,745 miles. It didn't run and hadn't run, I was told, for several years. After changing the oil, discovering it had been in a flood and curing its run, stall, run, stall issues I began to put miles on it. Now less than eight months later it has 500 miles more than when I got it.
Now that the weather has warmed up I ride much more, mostly on the Chinese scooter, but I should be making more trips on the Big Ruckus. So far, between the two scooters, I've done about 1200 miles and hope to be doing many more. It's just gratifying to see the Big Ruckus brought back from the brink and turned into a useful citizen again.