Outside over two feet of snow rests on my lawn and the thermometer reads four above zero. The extended forecast promises more miserable weather into March when the promise of thirty degree temperatures may occur. I'm left with nothing to do but reminisce about some better days on bigger motorcycles.
My first new motorcycle was a 1974 Kawasaki 500cc. In its day it was one of the notable hot rods with an engine that would scare you. When used in a calm manner it exhibited civil behavior and I did many long rides on it in the company of motorcycles twice its size. Open up the throttle and a different beast emerged. The engine would making a shrieking sound as it lifted up the front wheel and you suddenly found yourself in hyper space. I cringe now at the speeds I let it take me but when you're in your twenties and invincible it was good fun. The only smart thing I did was only attain lift off speeds on flat stretches of limited highway with no traffic around.
The funny thing about it was I had installed a windshield on it making it look like a non-hot rod. It astounded people with how fast it accelerated given its looks. I remember it fondly but my tastes matured as I owned it and replaced it with something bigger, slightly more powerful and more refined. That next bike took me places I would never have dreamed of going on the 500cc Kawasaki. If I haven't had a chance to ride by next time I'll relate the story of that bike in detail.