I'm sitting at Linda's in Connecticut concocting this and the 250cc scooter waits outside for another trip home. In the last week I've done this trip to Danbury once and am half way through another run now. It has been an amazing series of events. The scooter has been both reliable and incredibly fuel efficient. I just checked the mileage for this latest trip and it has delivered an amazing 83 mpg. I always laugh to myself when a Toyota Prius passes me and I say, "Gas Guzzler." The trips have been sunny, warm and delightful.
Besides coming to see Linda we've been signing papers to purchase a house in Hyde Park, NY. My memories of Deposit will always be pleasant but it's time to move on. The log house is too labor intensive for just one person and we are going to need something closer to Linda's family for support in our "Golden Years". Fortunately the house is in a very quiet, wooded development and has a two car garage for my toys and anything else we may need. The move will be hectic as we accumulated a ton of stuff in the last fifteen years on Route 8. Culling and disposal of items will be required. I will be going through many of Sara's things and if Hoople relatives desire anything, let me know. Years of "Dear Families" letters sit in a box.
I still have a lot of summer left and bikes to ride. Maybe the next trip here will be on a Motorcycle. The Big Kawasaki is itching to go.