I don't know which is worse. Looking out my window at all the snow, knowing how cold it is, or looking at the long range forecast, which is pretty bleak. Usually there's at least one thaw in the Winter and I get to ride something. It doesn't look like we can expect any thawing soon. Maybe in March, but certainly not in February. The closest I can get to any kind of riding is sitting on my fleet when I test start them every couple of weeks. The only kind of motorized activity I've had lately is pushing my snow blower around the driveway to get the cars loose. It's not quite the same as a short ride into town but it's all I've got for now.
I can't wait for that first forty degree day in March. I may even take all the fleet out for a spin in celebration. We've had some wicked bad Winters before but this one even has the locals complaining.
Better days are coming.