My big scooter is back in the garage! As I suspected, but feared worse, it was a wire that was rubbed through and couldn't carry current anymore. The only consolation in this is that the young men at the shop I took it to had to invest a great deal of time removing all the plastic panels and chase through all the wiring to find it. I rode it home and it hasn't lost a step, running as well as always. A longer ride is in the plans before Winter shuts us down.
This past Thursday we drove down to Long Island to see Mom and take in Octoberfest at the parents favorite restaurant, The Oak Chalet. The atmosphere was extremely festive, the food was as good as ever and the Accordion player they had for the night had everybody singing. Mom and Dad have been frequenting this establishment for a long time and many members of the staff came to Dad's wake and funeral. As Mom said, "I feel at home there." It was a memorable evening.
I was all set to take in what is probably the last motorcycle event of the season this morning but with one proviso, temperature. I won't ride below forty degrees for any distance anymore and the thermometer rung in at thirty-six at the hour I was supposed to leave. Cross that ride off the list. It was about an hour away and even further north so it could even have been colder yet. Plus they were going to ride in the Catskills at higher elevations so I can only imagine what the temperature would have been. So except for my rides in the area the long riding season is over.
The Holidays are looming and we will be traveling near and far. I'll be relating how the trips went.