When we bought the mopeds the idea was that my stepsons would start to travel on their own more often without having Mom and Stepdad transporting them in the car. Yesterday was the first step in that process. The oldest guy had volunteered to work at the concession stand at his High School football game and would need a ride into town. It was decided that the moped was a perfect means of transport so that when he was through he could just hop on the bike and ride home instead of calling and waiting for a ride.
At the appointed hour he and I set out on the mopeds into town so I could supervise where he parked it for safe keeping. He rode the bike well, which set my mind at ease for his trip home by himself, and we reached the field in fine order. Once there we attracted the attention of a few of the local school children who don't get to see Chinese mopeds very often, if at all. We decided on what seemed to be a safe parking spot and I went home while he attended to his concession stand duties. Later I went back on the scooter to double check his bike and it was surrounded by cars, but safe, and went off to run other errands. 
Later I was in the yard when I heard the sound of gently muffled small engine pulling into the driveway and I knew it was him. I walked out and asked how it went, expecting at least some excitement in his voice. Instead he was totally matter of fact and said, "OK". He did say that a couple of teachers told him his bike was cool and one local cheerleader had seen him on his "little motorcycle". Other than that everything was good.
I guess I was expecting "it was great to be able to get around on my own" or "it was good not to have to wait to be picked up" or even "I'll have to do that more often". I guess in this age of cell phones and parents being able to come when needed, having your own wheels isn't a big deal.....yet.