Yesterday I used the big scooter to commute to work for the 70th time. A quick trip to my calculator tells me that the scooter compiled 2,450 miles of use as a work traveler. That total is not so huge in the face of average automobile mileages of 12,000 miles but it bodes well in the arena of average motorcycle use. That average number is approximately 2,500 miles and says to me that I achieved that mileage through commuting alone. The actual use this season is much higher. At the moment the big scooter is trolling in the neighborhood of 3,700 miles of use this season. Boring statistics, I know, but the gas savings over my minivan is substantial. I always estimate that I save $6.00 a trip to work in gas alone. Looked at that way the scooter has saved me $420.00 this season. Based on that the scooter will save me the cost of its purchase in three years and be nearly a free ride. Well, maybe not free, but you get the idea. The little 50cc bike is coming up to nearly 1,000 miles for the season and that puts me perilously close to 5,000 miles of riding for the season. All on vehicles under 15 cubic inches in engine size and topping 70 mpg. I don't know how people can put up with those gas guzzling Hybrids and their skimpy 50 mpg.
I checked the weather report for next week and it looks like my season isn't over yet. A few more trips and many miles of grocery runs are still yet to come.