The weather of late has been atrocious and I only saw my two wheeled fleet when I had to enter the garage or through the windows as I walked by. Today we got to see an unaccustomed sight, sunlight. In addition to sunlight we also enjoyed warmer than usual temperatures. Even better, I had a list of items that needed purchasing from town and just the bike to do it with. Out came my 50cc mini motorcycle, Rocket, for the trip into Town.
It was glorious to be out on the road, and more enjoyable that I was doing it on the day after Christmas. Now a ride to Family Dollar and Big M supermarket is not like attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally but when you haven't ridden in a few weeks it feels momentous. Rocket even felt faster and stronger than I recalled and I relished the entire trip. I managed to fill the large crate on the back and returned home charged and invigorated.
Later I got to ride again. We needed a prescription retrieved from the local pharmacy quickly and I had just the vehicle to do it with, a Honda Rebel. The Rebel travels as quickly as any of my cars and given the delightful weather I was glad to use it. The trip to the drug store was done with dispatch and the Rebel ran like I had used it yesterday. The weather report for tomorrow is even better and I'm sure I'll be able to think of a reason to ride then. It's a brief respite from the usual foul weather and most appreciated. I hope it's not the last we see this winter.