It's no secret, if you are one of my steady readers, that I have a garage full of two wheeled transportation. The four bikes are always poised and ready to go. The mission will dictate what my choice is...sometimes. Lately I've had the luxury of the Honda Rebel as an alternative. Sara has taken a sabbatical from riding and it's my duty to keep the dust off it. It has saddlebags and can carry groceries, soda pop and envelopes with ease and has added a new dimension to errand running. It's small, easy to move and for travel purposes it's just as fast as our cars. In the grand scheme of things it's just as convenient as the 50cc and 150cc garage mates. The big scooter actually has more carrying capacity and equal speed but is not as light or maneuverable as the Rebel. Hmmm, what shall we ride today?
The weather is about to change drastically over the next few days as another Polar Vortex creeps into the region. The climate here has been a delightful montage of Fall conditions lately and I've been riding as much as ever. I do have the big scooter on a battery maintainer since it gets used so sporadically but I think the umbilical will get detached today for a bit. I have to venture forth this morning to retrieve a prescription and the scooter will be the perfect partner. Who knows when it will see daylight again? I'd like to think it will get used more this season but it's possible this could be its last hurrah for the year.
Of course I also have the new addition to drive this Winter. Our latest Scion xB has a manual transmission, sips fuel and is a delight to drive. On dry roads the older version Scion xB is like a go kart on steroids. It corners like it's glued to the road, is comfortable and is adequately powered for just about everything I need. If I don't use the xB I still have my faithful minivan, Atlantis, to get me there. Despite its size it's an excellent snow car, gets good and warm in the Winter and can carry just about anything. We removed all the passenger seats rendering it a covered pick up truck. Pets, furniture and motorcycles have been moved in its history, all handled with little fuss.
It will be a long Winter to be sure, but I'm ready to stay mobile. Hopefully my longest bike rides won't just be into town.