After a disastrous 2015 this past year was incredibly better. Linda and I reunited for the first time in 45 years, re-forged a friendship that grew and led to marriage and had us join households. We welcomed the birth of a grand daughter and celebrated many happy occasions. A pretty fabulous wedding day too, if I say so myself.

We moved to a new place in Hyde Park from both directions, Linda from Danbury and me from Deposit. The move has had its bumps and starts but things are settling down. We have a few more things to transfer, but it's getting there. Only selling the house in Deposit stands in the way of economic stability. Part of the adventure was moving things and motorcycles from Deposit. I got to enjoy riding five motorcycles on a long ride and sampling Burger King in Liberty, NY. All great fun.

I also got to ride the motorcycles more. The Summer was punctuated with trips between Danbury and Deposit on the big scooter and one crazed 300 mile night on the big Kawasaki. I re-learned the value of a good sized motorcycle for a long trip. It was a good investment if I ever have any more giant runs to take.

I hope you all had an equally good year and an even better one in 2017. I'm sure I'll have good stories to tell.